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Lafayette Avenue Ceramics was started with the idea of bringing family back to the table. Each piece is skillfully handcrafted from start to finish, and designed to fit perfectly into your hands and home. Used with love and treated with care, these pieces will last a life time, creating a bond between user and their surroundings.

Functional Pottery, From my hands to your home

Learn the story behind Lafayette Avenue Ceramics and our mission in creating product that will be loved for generations to come.



where to find us

Visit our Etsy shop now to purchase any of our hand thrown collections made in Phoenix, Arizona.


Introducing the DOCK + TIDE Collection

Summertime sun and salt water air are the inspiration behind the Dock + Tide Collection. Hand thrown in small batches in Phoenix, Arizona, these invoke memories of brunch on the pier, sunset dinners and cocktails down by the water.

Connect, Nourish, Sustain

“Time is the missing ingredient in our recipes- and in our lives.” Michael Pollan

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