The Kitchn

10 Awesome Etsy Finds for Neat Freaks


Amidst the endless supply of handmade jewelry, felt pennant banners, and succulent planters, there's a whole other category of stuff on Etsy — stuff that'll help your kitchen stay clean and organized. Of course it's all as pretty as it is functional. (This is still Etsy we're talking about, after all.)


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Apartment Therapy

10 Beautiful (& Handmade!) Etsy Finds for Your Kitchen


Though we can totally see the appeal of mass-produced goods (easy to come by, usually pretty affordable), no space is really complete without a dash of the handmade. The character that an artisanal product lends to an interior far and beyond outdoes anything you can find at a big box store.


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Phoenix Home & Garden

It's a Jungle in Here


Indoor plants are a real mood booster, Melinda Walton says. “As my mother has always said, it’s planting happiness,” says Walton, co-owner with sister Christine Fortman of Berridge Nurseries in Phoenix. “That’s what we do in our gardens and that’s also what we do indoors.”


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Phoenix MAg

Mug Shots


Art: It’s not just for walls anymore. Handcrafted ceramic mugs, adorned with everything from tribal designs to minimalist clean lines, are bumping plain old coffee cups from desks and kitchen counters. Why not drink your morning cup of Joe or afternoon spot of tea out of a local work of art? We rounded up the Valley’s best mug artisans so you can assemble your own set.


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Nutrition Simply

3 Simple Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks


You know that feeling when you never knew something existed, and then the minute you find out about it, you can't live without it? Meet coconut oil. Fairly certain coconut oil invented that feeling, just sayin'.


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The Dancing Foodie



Lately I have been overwhelmingly inspired by several female entrepreneurs. Creating a unique brand and being your own boss is not easy, and I don’t think these ladies get the credit they deserve for all of their daily endeavors.


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AZ Family

Jaime's Local Love: Lafayette Avenue Ceramics


Jillian Schimmel of Lafayette Avenue Ceramics fell in love with ceramics in an after-school program in elementary school.


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Spotlight On: Lafayette Avenue Ceramics


I first met Jillian, the artist behind Lafayette Avenue Ceramics, at the AZ Share That You Care market earlier this year. I was immediately drawn to her gorgeous pottery and mission to create pieces for the kitchen that will last a lifetime..


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